Tuesday, March 24, 2009

electronic media junkie

– I watch you on the train – Another Wall Street addict – You are empty handed and twitching – You look at the others around you wondering if they know – Wondering if they can sense your need – They have no idea – They are texting and emailing and talking on cell phones to people far away – They have no time for you the addict as you run trembling fingers along your pockets looking for a fix – Nothing in the shirt pockets – Nothing – Nothing in the pants either – How could this be – You let out an animalistic groan while calculating how long it will take to get what you need – Is anyone watching – I am watching – I have been watching all along – I know what you need – Beads of sweat form on your upper lip – Where is it – Where is it – You look around again – Wondering who took your fix – Was it the kid playing video games – Was it the woman texting and giggling – You want to punish them for their satisfaction at this moment – But something falls from your jacket and hits the floor – Plastic and metal bouncing across the train – You dive for it – Your fix – The iPhone – Laced with electronic crack that will soon deaden your nerves and ease your mind – I watch you tapping the buttons with a deep orgasmic sigh as the fix courses through your veins – And I pity you –