Sunday, December 20, 2009

book signing

– You are at Barnes and Noble – Dishonorable Horace P Krouch Esquire – Lawyer author – You will be signing your book – If She Did It – Fiction you say – Satin Strangler fiction – First day on the shelves – But not even on the shelves – In oversized bins lining the entrance walkway – No time to put them on shelves

– Your life is too pathetic to write your own friggin autobiography – You have to desecrate the story of the Satin Strangler – Make a mockery of the legend through your fictionalized Destiny Blande character – FICTION – The Satin Strangler – FICTION – I want to wretch

– You will be rich beyond your wettest dreams – Smiles and signatures – They cheered your court conquests – Now they hang on your every word – Worshipers lined up along the streets – Sea View is bursting at the seams – Where have they all come from – And why – All the beloved – But beloved not of you – Do not fool yourself – These are the mesmerized rank and file of the Satin Strangler minions – You have stolen them from their rightful owner to make a mockery of her legend – To turn her into fiction – FICTION

– Eighteen people and then me – Back up back up – A security guard stares down the crowd – He tries to keep them from you – Chubby tough guy – Flashlight in a holster – Feigning power but wielding none – They all must move back – Or what – Maybe he will shine his light in their faces – Everyone on line will get their turn

– Zit girl at the cash register watches you – She sweeps book after book across the bar code sensor – Credit card after credit card – Twenty dollar bill after twenty dollar bill – All for you

– Fourteen until me – I have lived on this line for over two hours – Suffering the mindless banter of the masses – Beach plans and sports teams and favorite songs – Idle chatter to make a head explode – Now they are nothing but giddy – They know they will meet the famous lawyer author soon – They smile and wave and chuckle to each other like school children on a field trip

– The family in the front of the line stops to take a photo with you – Not just one camera – Everyone in the family has to take a photo – The balding dad and the fat mother and their three freakishly misshapen children – You smile with them Horace P Krouch Esquire – Tough luck the others will have to wait extra time – The security guard waits to let the next set of admirers near you for a few seconds – Reaches for his flashlight in case there is trouble

– My turn is coming – The knife dangling from the holster on my thigh seems heavier – Will today be the day when I make my sacrifice at the altar of the Satin Strangler

– Flashes – From where – From behind me – Rapid fire flashes – The New York Times photographer has come all the way from the big city – NBC races right behind them through the store entrance with video cameras rolling – Everyone in line fixes their hair – SYNCHRONIZED – They need to look pretty on television – The excitement reaches a crescendo – They all hope to star on the news tonight – Smile and wave – They will say hi mom I have been waiting over two hours to buy a book and get an autograph

– I turn so the knife on my thigh is away from the cameras – The world will see it only when I am ready to make the sacrifice – The pig is ready for the slaughter – Just a few feet away

– The cameras lock in on the blonde at the microphone – The human line severs momentarily to allow the reporter and crew through – Security boy flexes his chest and biceps to ripple his chub – Is he ready for a sacrifice today – No he is only posing – Tightens his jaw – The show is on

– The cameras are rolling – The manikin reporter asks why you wrote the book – How you know so much about the murder details – Is Daphne Blain really Destiny Blande – Did Destiny Blande really commit the murders – Did she ever admit to committing the crimes – Were the two of you really lovers – LOVERS – Now there is your fiction

– The reporter brushes blonde from her face – She turns slightly to the right then slightly to the left – Which side is more photogenic – Mirror mirror on the wall – She cares nothing about the facts of the Satin Strangler – The world would be a better place without her blonde dye

– This is my chance to correct the story – I grasp the handle of the knife along my thigh and step forward

– The store manager hands out a series of pre-signed books for the cameras – As though this will pacify us – He points us to the zit girl pushing books along the scanner at the cash register – He thanks us for coming – Mister Krouch has to get to the television studio for an appearance

– But I just want to have a few words with him – Just a few words – A eulogy after I slit the throat of the friggin pig lawyer

– I will have to wait for another day – But I am patient – I must be patient

– Barabbas


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Thursday, September 24, 2009

technological progress

– Aldous wrote that technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards – If he thought of it today he could write it and blog it and text it and stream a video about it – Then he could Tweet it around the world for all to hear simultaneously – By tomorrow everyone could forget about it and read what Lady Gaga has to say –

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sick of you destiny blande

– You have seen my blogs Destiny Blande – Each and every day – I write them for you and post them here – Are you too busy basking in the glory of the Satin Strangler – Do you not value the seed of your fame – The Lord of your future – Will you feign the blinding of your eyes – The deafening of your ears to me

– We have seen enough of Destiny Blande – We have all been watching – All Destiny all the time – We can all recite your story – Blah blah blah

– Who were you before stealing the title of the Satin Strangler – NOBODY – Just a girl – You were just any friggin girl – Sugar and spice and everything nice

– Now you can build upon the story of the Satin Strangler – But you dare to throw it away

– Like Peter the Rock you stood before the authorities – They said you were the Satin Strangler – That you killed Grant Leighton – But you denied the accusation – They again said you were the Satin Strangler – That you killed Edgar Stahl – But you denied the accusation again – You said you knew not of the Satin Strangler – What will you say the third time they call you the Satin Strangler – Will you deny the accusation again – Will the cock crow a third time

– Why would you deny the gift of the Satin Strangler

– I gave you a chance – I gave you everything

– How did it feel to kill your first victim – To lure him in with a whisper – To have your way with him – To wrap your stockings around his neck and tease him – Tighter – Tighter – Seeing the look on his face change – From ecstasy to dread – From living to dead – To feel the last wisps of air pass through his throat as you the surge of energy took hold of you

– You have no idea how it felt – To kill the first or the 10th or the 80th victim – So you denied everything – All you had to do was passively receive the faith of the masses – They believe in you – They all believe that you are THE ONE – You have been acquitted but the world still believes you are the Satin Strangler

– It should all be perfect now – But you will throw it away – You will let the story of the Satin Strangler die in you – But there is far too much to gain – Too much invested to throw it all away

– The next chapters in the story of the Satin Strangler are yet to be written – But you choose to blow it all – You fool yourself into thinking the story is about you Destiny Blande – But this is not your story

– We could have been so successful together – With my brilliance and your good fortune – My creative flare and your ability to be in the right place at the right time – But now our goals are in direct opposition – My desire to keep the Satin Strangler alive – Your yearning to bury her in the past – Will that be your first kill – The death of the Satin Strangler

– My desired outcome and yours are incompatible – They will not coexist in this world

– Barabbas


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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

electronic media junkie

– I watch you on the train – Another Wall Street addict – You are empty handed and twitching – You look at the others around you wondering if they know – Wondering if they can sense your need – They have no idea – They are texting and emailing and talking on cell phones to people far away – They have no time for you the addict as you run trembling fingers along your pockets looking for a fix – Nothing in the shirt pockets – Nothing – Nothing in the pants either – How could this be – You let out an animalistic groan while calculating how long it will take to get what you need – Is anyone watching – I am watching – I have been watching all along – I know what you need – Beads of sweat form on your upper lip – Where is it – Where is it – You look around again – Wondering who took your fix – Was it the kid playing video games – Was it the woman texting and giggling – You want to punish them for their satisfaction at this moment – But something falls from your jacket and hits the floor – Plastic and metal bouncing across the train – You dive for it – Your fix – The iPhone – Laced with electronic crack that will soon deaden your nerves and ease your mind – I watch you tapping the buttons with a deep orgasmic sigh as the fix courses through your veins – And I pity you –

Thursday, February 26, 2009

to destiny blande

– A blog just for you Destiny Blande – Time for you to respond

– You continue to live through her – The greatest creation of the last century – The Satin Strangler – Killer of men – Champion of women

– She was to be perfect – Designed from a history of predecessors – Perfection of form and function – Held up on a pedestal for the rest of the world – No blood – Far too beautiful for blood – No guns or knives – She would want to squeeze the life from her victims – To feel the transfer of life – To strangle them – Only strangling would do

– She would become the Satin Strangler

– She would be elegant and seductive on the outside – But all venom on the inside – She would lure her victims in – Then lure the world in – The Siren singing – The hostess of Hades – So beautiful in my mind

– Then you came along Destiny Blande – The hometown girl – An unexpected killer – The sweetheart accused of the horror the horror – Seemingly nonthreatening until the strike – Seductive and deadly – Like your praying mantis – Better than I could have hoped – You knew your role – Keep silent and let the story be told – Let the media weave you into the legend – PERFECT – Now your name and the Satin Strangler are forever one

– The story has been written perfectly so far – But what is the next chapter – What will you do next as the Satin Strangler – There is no turning back – You must realize that

– I am here for you – Imagine how I can help you now – We should combine forces – Should we elevate the online body count – Or is it time to collect the spoils – Either works for me – You can write the next chapter – I will follow your lead this time – Then the climax will be ours

– Where shall we meet my dear – Where will the next chapter begin

– Barabbas


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