Tuesday, February 2, 2010

cameras rolling

– Keep rolling the cameras – She will smile for you and shine for you and some say even die for you – So keep the cameras rolling – The thief at the seven eleven is caught on tape – The driver at the stoplight is ticketed through an electronic eye – The man in the hood in the dark on the street is on the evening news for all of us to identify for our favorite action news team – The cameras will keep rolling – The papers want to know whose shirts you wear – Youtube will stream through whatever you dare – If I go to my refrigerator or walk down the street or take a train they are all waiting – All watching – When I walk as another they know – They are on the path and in my home and in my head with their cameras – My mind is splayed out on the screen like just another reality show for all to see – You can look from your dinner tables with pizza in your faces watching my thoughts flow across the screen in rapid succession – Order out of disorder – Filtered chaos – I am here to amuse you after all –