Thursday, January 28, 2010

look alike

– They adore you Destiny Blande – They worship you – Wish they could be the most eligible bachelorette – Most enviable killer – Champion of women – Crusader of justice

– They follow your lead – Imitate the Destiny Blande hairstyle and fashions – They wait on your every inspiration – Men fantasize about you – Even dress up their girlfriends to look like you – Pay for look alikes to be you – IMITATIONS – SUBSTITUTES – Anything to be closer to the real thing – Anything to experience the Satin Strangler

– The women at the look alike service stare at me – Their faces ask if this man really wants to look like Destiny Blande – Do they have blouses in my size – She waits for me to say I was just kidding

– But I am not kidding – My knife can slash her wide open in seconds – Connect that crooked smile to the bottom of her neck – Would she be smiling then – Would she – No I am not joking – I am not here for amusement – If I wanted her opinion I would slash it out of her

– Will you fight me for the Satin Strangler title Destiny Blande – You know nothing of murder – You yearned to become something of worth – And there it was – The Satin Strangler – Yours for the taking – But too high of an aspiration for you – Too close to the sun for Icarus – Too much for you Destiny Blande – But they opened the door – The media gave you the honor – The media gave the prize to a stupid friggin girl

– Is this what the Satin Strangler has become – Wigs and costumes – Is the title open again for anyone to take – NO – Only the deserving shall be adorned – Who will take the title – If you do not want it then I will take it as my own – Will it be me or you Destiny Blande – Who will live on as the Satin Strangler

– A little twist on the wig and the locks fall into position – Some makeup from the hideous monster crooked teeth sales girl should do the trick – The black dress is just big enough – A little fluffy but does it matter – Now the stockings – A matching set – For strangling – Squeezing the life out of a victim – You have no idea about that Destiny Blande – KILLING – You will soon – One way or another – I promise you

– Barabbas


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Monday, January 18, 2010

you are redundant

– I see you when I look in the mirror with a razor in my hand– I hear your voice when I shout – I feel your presence when I kill the lights – The taste of victory is sweet when I think of all the Satin Strangler has accomplished – But then I smell your putrid arrogance when I turn on the television or the radio or the internet and see you in her place – You are not the Satin Strangler – You are Destiny Blande – You are redundant in this world – And you will soon leave it –

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the cain abrams show

– I am in the audience of the Cain Abrams talk show – Just feet away from you Destiny Blande

– There you are joking with Mister Cain Abrams while we all wait for the show to start – Will this be the day you admit to the Satin Strangler murders – Will you or will you not assume the role of the chosen one – We all want to know

– You have been squandering the creation – Desecrating the Satin Strangler – You have ignored me – You act like I do not exist – But you are the one who does not exist Destiny Blande – Destiny Blande no longer exists without the Satin Strangler – My Satin Strangler

– We all have to shut up – Shut the friggin hell up – We are just the audience – We are nothing – NOTHING – The applause sign controls us like marionettes

– The girl holding cue cards wants to be you – To be the most eligible bachelorette – She does her little tasks around the set – All for someone else – If only she could have been the Satin Strangler – But the media did not select her to play that role – Did they – She just holds words in the air

– You are looking beautiful today Destiny Blande – Everyone in the audience is mesmerized – All of the Satin Strangler fans – They have been herded like sheep into the studio

– You are everything I pictured the Satin Strangler to be – Everything except willing to take on the title – You must decide – Will you be the Satin Strangler – Or will you step away and leave the title for another – Dancing in the middle ruins everything

– I am in the second row – Just a little more than a knife length from you

– Do you know that I am here Destiny Blande – You refused to answer me – Did you think that I would not find you – Did you think that I would not track you down – Dare you try to outsmart me – Dare you scorn your Lord

– Mister Cain Abrams is sitting pretty – Perfect hair – Perfect teeth – He is ready for the cameras – Ready to speak to you – But he has no right to – He is not invested in this – He has not given his soul for the Satin Strangler – You smile and answer his questions – The questions that his writers prepared for him – How much does he know about you – A fraction of what I know

– Why have you decided to break your silence Destiny Blande – To do your first television appearance since the trial – This is the first question that Cain Abrams reads off the cue card – This is what everyone wants to know

– You say you are tired of watching so many others tell your story – The media scum and their devices – Those are not your words but they are your meaning – And the Broadway premiere is scheduled to happen without you – Despite you – To spite you – The lawyer will make more money – Everyone will be rich – Everyone but you – And me – But you do not mention me – And I do not want the money

– You say you will set the record straight – You will tell your own story

– To tell the story of Destiny Blande or the story of the Satin Strangler the brain dead host asks – Which story will you tell – He is off the script for a second – In treacherous waters – The girl with the cue cards looks nervous

– You smile and look out into the mesmerized pathetic drooling faces of the audience – Maybe a little of both you say – You are taking bids to tell your story – The auction starts today – Let the bidding begin

– Fox television has offered you a reality show – How many million for that – You do not say – The movie rights will dwarf that friggin number anyway

– How much money will you make Destiny Blande – All these television and movie deals – Everything you have stolen from the Satin Strangler – STOLEN – Do you wake up at night and wonder who the creator was – Do you ever wonder at all – Does it even matter to you

– When I am awake at night I think of you – Sometimes you are Destiny Blande in my dreams – Sometimes you are the Satin Strangler – The Satin Strangler is my fantasy but Destiny Blande is my nightmare

– Which one will you be – Destiny Blande or the Satin Strangler – Without her creator you would be nothing more than Destiny Blande – No book deals – No movie deals – No future – NOTHING

– Will you claim the story as yours – You are not its creator – The Satin Strangler story started long before you came along – The script was there before fate selected you as the star

– When the Satin Strangler was anyone Destiny Blande was no one – But now they all adore you – They think you are everything – Not as Destiny Blande but as the Satin Strangler

– I want to carve away what is Destiny Blande and leave behind only the Satin Strangler – My blade is sharp – Scars on my palms and soles are proof – Trust me

– Destiny Blande is a parasite attached to the Satin Strangler – She needs to be exterminated – But her grasp is too tight – If I try to remove Destiny Blande now the Satin Strangler will perish – I cannot endanger the Satin Strangler – Only cleanse her – Restore her purest state – The way I always envisioned

– Did you look at me just now Destiny Blande – Yes I am here for you – In the audience – I have been watching – I have been writing to you and waiting for an answer – I will wait no more – You owe me more respect

– Brain Dead Abrams searches for a question – He asks what you look for in a man – Then he giggles like a friggin school girl – He mocks the Satin Strangler but you answer anyway – Someone who is willing to give everything for you – Someone who will put his neck out – The audience laughs – Everyone is so friggin funny

– The knife along my leg is beckoning – Taunting me – But I will have to resist the urge today – Your Lord has better plans for you Destiny Blande – Better plans for the next chapter of the Satin Strangler story

– If you will be the Satin Strangler then have it all – The fame and the riches – But if you only plan to steal from the Satin Strangler as Destiny Blande then prepare to die

– Barabbas


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Sunday, January 10, 2010

you poisoned me

– Which one of you snuck into my chamber – Who will betray me with a kiss – Et tu blog reader – Et tu – Benedict Arnolds all of you – My kingdom for hoarse whores – Roaming through enamored Roman numerals of exponentially rising body counts has made me weary – How many has she killed today – I have lost track – Following the most perfect of creations has been a distraction – And one of you snuck into my chamber to pour poison into my ear – The antidote in my medicine cabinet is laced with the poison so I dare not go near it – Synapses of gray and white are criss crossed cross crissed Christ Cross – Zigging where they should be zagging – And vice versa my former friend – Vice versa coming right back at you – The pain you have caused me is great – The buzzing sound that others do not seem to hear and the rage that spins webs in my skull – But I know who you are and where you live as they say – I know who you are – All of you – You have hacked the connection between us with a machete – I used to love you now I have to kill you –

Monday, January 4, 2010

i see you

– You need better locks on your office Horace P Krouch Esquire – They are hardly a challenge for me – What would you do if you saw me in your office – What could you do – NOTHING

– So much blue – EVERYWHERE – Yale diplomas – Yale prints and portraits – Yale coffee table books – Yale chairs and tapestries – Pen and pencil sets – Business card holders – Paper weights – Yale Yale Yale

– Faded photographs of you with your parents – Faded photographs with friends – Where did they all go – Only one recent photograph – You and Destiny Blande – The girl who could be the Satin Strangler – Why does that photograph stands in the spouse position on your desk

– Your desk drawers were unlocked – Except for one – Why that one – I wonder what is inside – What would be too intimate to share with your uninvited visitors

– File cabinets line the walk in closet – An entire cabinet dedicated to the Destiny Blande case – I have been reading – Stacks of articles about Destiny Blande – Most of them tell the story that she has stolen – STOLEN – The story of the Satin Strangler – You have countless photographs of Destiny Blande – You are the president of her fan club – Another disappointing Yale president

– You were smiling like a happy pig in the framed photograph with Destiny Blande – Do you love the fake serial killer girl – Ah no – You are your only true love – Not even most eligible bachelorette Destiny Blande could win over the love of the narcissist – But you want her – Oh how you want her

– I know where you are and how long you will be there – I always know where you are – But today you surprise me – Noise at the front door – You returned quickly – Why so rushed – I stay in the file room and watch through the slots in the door – A fragmented view – You are alone – An easy target – The knife strapped to my thigh is ready

– But you do not open the file room door – Instead you take something from your briefcase – Photos of Destiny Blande – From newspapers and magazines and websites – Photos of the would be Satin Strangler – You check your watch and look at the front door – Are you expecting a visitor – You neatly arrange the photographs across your desk – Your prize possessions

– There is a knock on the front door – One minute you call out – You get undressed – Naked in your office in the middle of the day – Hard at work – Hard at work – You unlock your secret drawer and remove black satin stockings – Piles of them – Tie the stockings around your wrists and ankles – Tightly so your skin turns blue – You check your handiwork and smile with satisfaction – Tie your ankles to the chair with many knots – You have issues Horace P Krouch Esquire – Yale Law Review full view

– Come in now you call out – You swing your bound wrists up and twist the stockings around your neck – So fast – All of this in a minute or two – You have done this before – Many times before – There is now no way to escape without choking yourself

– Your visitor enters – A young woman in a wig and a long coat – Destiny Blande in appearance but yet not Destiny Blande – She is not alarmed at the sight of you – She too has done this before – Many times before – Her clothes drop to the floor until she is left in black satin lingerie – She is here to play out your fantasy

– She straddles you and stretches your arms – It takes so little effort – Your strained breaths whistle as though through a straw – With crackles and gurgles and saliva running down your chin – Then the sounds stop and the color changes in your face – Pink to red to blue – Yale blue – To match the room decorations – It only takes a few moments – You are unconscious – DYING – Pathetic and repulsive

– Your visitor dresses while you lay still – Will she leave you to die – She checks her watch – Takes her time – She stuffs an envelop from the desk into her coat pocket – Probably good pay for a few minutes of work – She cuts the stocking from your neck with scissors – Then leaves before you regain consciousness

– What a chamber of dark secrets your office has been – What if the good old boys at Yale could see what you do in your spare time – What would they say – Maybe we will soon find out – You are boring on the surface – But so deviant on the inside – Hidden secrets waiting to be told

– How easily could I run my knife through your heart right now – But I will be patient – Enjoy this moment – We will be together again soon enough

– I leave as you take your first gasp of air

– Barabbas


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