Thursday, February 26, 2009

to destiny blande

– A blog just for you Destiny Blande – Time for you to respond

– You continue to live through her – The greatest creation of the last century – The Satin Strangler – Killer of men – Champion of women

– She was to be perfect – Designed from a history of predecessors – Perfection of form and function – Held up on a pedestal for the rest of the world – No blood – Far too beautiful for blood – No guns or knives – She would want to squeeze the life from her victims – To feel the transfer of life – To strangle them – Only strangling would do

– She would become the Satin Strangler

– She would be elegant and seductive on the outside – But all venom on the inside – She would lure her victims in – Then lure the world in – The Siren singing – The hostess of Hades – So beautiful in my mind

– Then you came along Destiny Blande – The hometown girl – An unexpected killer – The sweetheart accused of the horror the horror – Seemingly nonthreatening until the strike – Seductive and deadly – Like your praying mantis – Better than I could have hoped – You knew your role – Keep silent and let the story be told – Let the media weave you into the legend – PERFECT – Now your name and the Satin Strangler are forever one

– The story has been written perfectly so far – But what is the next chapter – What will you do next as the Satin Strangler – There is no turning back – You must realize that

– I am here for you – Imagine how I can help you now – We should combine forces – Should we elevate the online body count – Or is it time to collect the spoils – Either works for me – You can write the next chapter – I will follow your lead this time – Then the climax will be ours

– Where shall we meet my dear – Where will the next chapter begin

– Barabbas


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