Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sick of you destiny blande

– You have seen my blogs Destiny Blande – Each and every day – I write them for you and post them here – Are you too busy basking in the glory of the Satin Strangler – Do you not value the seed of your fame – The Lord of your future – Will you feign the blinding of your eyes – The deafening of your ears to me

– We have seen enough of Destiny Blande – We have all been watching – All Destiny all the time – We can all recite your story – Blah blah blah

– Who were you before stealing the title of the Satin Strangler – NOBODY – Just a girl – You were just any friggin girl – Sugar and spice and everything nice

– Now you can build upon the story of the Satin Strangler – But you dare to throw it away

– Like Peter the Rock you stood before the authorities – They said you were the Satin Strangler – That you killed Grant Leighton – But you denied the accusation – They again said you were the Satin Strangler – That you killed Edgar Stahl – But you denied the accusation again – You said you knew not of the Satin Strangler – What will you say the third time they call you the Satin Strangler – Will you deny the accusation again – Will the cock crow a third time

– Why would you deny the gift of the Satin Strangler

– I gave you a chance – I gave you everything

– How did it feel to kill your first victim – To lure him in with a whisper – To have your way with him – To wrap your stockings around his neck and tease him – Tighter – Tighter – Seeing the look on his face change – From ecstasy to dread – From living to dead – To feel the last wisps of air pass through his throat as you the surge of energy took hold of you

– You have no idea how it felt – To kill the first or the 10th or the 80th victim – So you denied everything – All you had to do was passively receive the faith of the masses – They believe in you – They all believe that you are THE ONE – You have been acquitted but the world still believes you are the Satin Strangler

– It should all be perfect now – But you will throw it away – You will let the story of the Satin Strangler die in you – But there is far too much to gain – Too much invested to throw it all away

– The next chapters in the story of the Satin Strangler are yet to be written – But you choose to blow it all – You fool yourself into thinking the story is about you Destiny Blande – But this is not your story

– We could have been so successful together – With my brilliance and your good fortune – My creative flare and your ability to be in the right place at the right time – But now our goals are in direct opposition – My desire to keep the Satin Strangler alive – Your yearning to bury her in the past – Will that be your first kill – The death of the Satin Strangler

– My desired outcome and yours are incompatible – They will not coexist in this world

– Barabbas


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