Sunday, April 25, 2010

life through death

– It will happen in your office later today before your premiere Horace P Krouch Esquire

– The wealthy will be headed to Broadway – The huddled friggin masses carpooling to movie theaters or staying at home to watch – A worldwide audience lining up to see you in your office – Something unique – Beyond their wildest dreams – Worth every penny

– Oh how I love a Broadway show

– It will all happen like this – According to my script

– You will be busy attending to your true love – Your ankles already tied to the chair – Breathing heavily – Not yet struggling and gasping – Just anticipating the pleasure

– There will be a knock on the door – Right on schedule – Oh but not the female service you are expecting

– I will be the one waiting at the door – Dressed as Destiny Blande – Understudy for the role of the Satin Strangler – The rest of the world would kill for my view – My front row ticket – Priceless

– One minute you will call out

– You will tie your wrists – Twist the satin stocking around your neck – Setting yourself up as such easy prey – Doing most of the work yourself – Your face turning pink like the pig you are – Almost ready for the Broadway show – Thinking you still have a couple of hours before the camera starts rolling

– Come in you will call out – Thinking you are ready for the visitor

– But you are so surprised when I enter – Not who you expected at all – Oh so disappointed – So friggin disappointed – You are already straining to breathe – Steaming your glasses – The stocking around your neck – Perhaps a little too tight this time

– Your intended guest will be happy with the money I paid her downstairs – Money not to strangle you again but to end her workday early

– It will be impossible for you to escape now – Oh do not be mistaken – You will struggle your best – It will be more fun for me that way – But with only a little tug on the satin stocking I can leave you unconscious

– Just seconds from death

– This will be the game we play until our star arrives – The strangulation game – My little tug – Your glimpse at eternal rest – And so on – This will keep you subdued – Keep me enthralled – Until the next knock at the door

– The star will promptly arrive a few minutes before the curtains open on Broadway – Destiny Blande – I will call for her to enter as I hide for a moment

– There you are most eligible bachelorette – You will stop in the doorway on your way in my dear – Is this what you expected when I summoned you – When I told you the lawyer was ready to make a deal – To make amends for all the backstabbing – For the death of your father

– Will you be pleased or alarmed at first Destiny Blande – By the sight of your lawyer – Will you be ready to complete your metamorphosis to the Satin Strangler – To escape from your cocoon and spread your wings

– The lawyer ruined the life of Destiny Blande – Your former life – That was not enough – So he stole your money – But that was not enough – So he mocked your father – Drove him to his death – Will that be enough – Enough for you to kill – That he killed your father – I think it will – Do away with the lawyer now – Finish his fantasy and start your own

– A penny for your thoughts Horace P Krouch Esquire – This is what you wanted – What you asked for – But you will be in a panic when you see Destiny Blande enter – You will struggle in vain to get free – Every movement only tightening the stocking – Ever more ready for the Satin Strangler – Killing you now will hardly be a challenge – It will not take long

– Your death will be the next chapter in the story lawyer – A story that you and Destiny Blande have tried to steal from me – The story of the Satin Strangler – My Satin Strangler – My creation – MINE

– The story to this point is only fiction – I created the Satin Strangler – Not for you friggin Destiny Blande – The media gave you that title – But today you will have to accept it or deny it for good – There is no longer anything in between

– Kill him Destiny Blande – Become the Satin Strangler – It will be so easy – Just a little tug on the stocking around his neck – One step closer – Yes – You want to kill him – You forfeited your past – But you can choose your future – Make the Satin Strangler your future – Breathe life into my Creation

– Inches away from the suffocating lawyer – Will you kill him – Or will you again deny the Satin Strangler

– A choice for you – After today there will be no Destiny Blande – The Satin Strangler must live on – She can live on in you – Or she will live on in me – Either way Destiny Blande will not walk away today

– I will close the door behind you – Fasten the dead bolt and keep the key – You turn and behold me – We will stand as mirrors of each other – The Creator and keeper of The Creation – The lawyer will die tonight – The Satin Strangler will survive – One of us will leave with the title – Will it be you or me

– You will want to kill the lawyer – You will have to do it – KILL HIM

– It will be time to pull the stocking tighter around his neck – What a sensation – The surge of power – To feel the life leave your victim – That is something we want to feel – All of us – I know you will want the same Destiny Blande – You will want to feel the surge as the lawyer is strangled

– It will take only a few moments for one of us to kill him – Me or you – It will no longer matter – We will be one – The Satin Strangler – Just a pull on the stockings

– The surge – The ecstasy

– He will stop moving – He will be dead

– The lights back in the Broadway theater will flicker – Time for the fat old men at the bar to finish their scotch – Time to put down the souvenir programs – Time for the show to begin

– The theater will darken – The curtain will open to reveal an enormous television screen – High def icon of gluttony – The perfect venue to show the final act of self-indulgence by the world famous Horace P Krouch Esquire

– The camera is already poised – Ready to stream video from the office to the theater – When the show begins the audience will not know what to do – New York theater regulars will say Broadway keeps pushing the envelope – The death imagery in the first scene was brilliant they will tell their friends – Amazing how they could make that lawyer look so dead – Hail Leopold The Great

– After killing the lawyer we will decide who will live on as the Satin Strangler – Will it be the one who used to be Destiny Blande – Or the one who used to be Barabbas – The media’s leading lady or her understudy – Destiny Blande will not leave this room – Barabbas will not leave this room – Only the Satin Strangler will remain – One more death will breathe life into my Creation

– I will reveal the knife that will carve away all but the Satin Strangler – The knife that will carve her free from us – The handle toward you and the blade toward my chest – You will feel the handle – You will grasp it – You will have to decide

– Take the knife – Do what you need to do – The Satin Strangler has killed the lawyer – The first true victim – But the Satin Strangler must kill again to stay alive – Kill Barabbas and give the Satin Strangler to the friggin masses

– One will go free – One will have to die – The Creator or the Creation

– The lawyer and Destiny Blande and Barabbas will die in this way – The Satin Strangler will live on – The metamorphosis will be complete

– Barabbas


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