Friday, September 5, 2008

come out come out wherever you are

– A disappearance in Sea View – More than 20 victims for you Satin Strangler – Where is Edgar Stahl – Where is the missing demolition man – Peek a boo – But does it really matter – Not even a body yet but the media gives you the credit – They could not resist adding a little seduction to the story – How could a woman strangle men without having sex with them first – Sex sells – It gets the reporters hot and bothered – The media thrives on you Satin Strangler – They know we want more – The huddled horrid masses are insatiable – We are serial killer junkies – We want you surging through our veins – Le femme fatale – The Satin Strangler

– You are what is released when all of our inhibitions are cast away – You are what waits inside each of us – Every single one of us the devil inside

– The media parcels you out in news clips and special reports – Your body count escalates daily – Faster than anyone could kill – Faster than the friggin idiot reporters can count

– The Satin Strangler was conceived – But she needed the media to thrive – The media machine is doing its part – Forcing their version of reality into the minds of the public – Our perception is 1% reality and 99% media fabrication – We ingest television – We inhale magazines and newspapers – Internet feeds and podcasts course through our veins – These are our sustenance – These are our windows to the world – The portals into each of us – Until there is no difference seen when looking out or looking in

– Who was Kenneth Bianchi before the Hillside Strangler – Who was David Berkowitz before The Son of Sam – Before the media promoted their infamous counterparts – They were awaiting their birth as media stars – Human monsters make media megastars – Kenneth and David surpassed their predecessors in just a few hours – WHY – Because they killed in the age of television – They set the stage for Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer – Ted and Jeffrey – The greatest marketing successes of the 1900s

– But now it takes seconds – Just seconds – The internet is an amazing serial killer marketing tool – The Satin Strangler is everywhere – She owns the airways – All Satin all the time

– Yes from the media who brought you Son of Sam please extend a warm welcome to the Satin Strangler

– The media has determined every presidential election since Kennedy beat Nixon – The media paved the way for Ronald Reagan to star in the role of president – Where does fiction stop and nonfiction begin – Was there a moon landing – Are we sure – Were we there – Where did we see it – On friggin television

– An individual can only see so much of the world during a lifetime – Connect the dots between a home a job a grocery store and a gas station – Nothing more – How can we be sure about anything beyond our personal experience – We each hold just a few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle

– All we are is because of our televisions – All we will be is because of the internet – Information has passed from the telegraph to the telephone to the television to the computer to the iPhone – The I friggin phone – From days to hours to seconds to nano friggin seconds in one century of innovation – Our senses are pounded by constant stimulation – We sink further and further into the cushions of our living room furniture – Assured that our lives will be passed to us through an electronic box or a handheld device – We are a destination for a download – We are only the target for blogs and RSS feeds and tweets – Where do we want to go today – NOWHERE – There is no need

– We have a morbid fascination with the body count – When the media asks if Ted Bundy killed 20 or 40 we all want it to be 40 – Out loud we say no – Inside we know the truth – We condemn killing in modern society – But we yearn for the body count to be higher – We want to be impressed – We want to say wow with the TV clicker in hand – We no longer slow down for breaking news about gun sprees unless a record is being broken – We are numb to it all – Mundane murders are everywhere – We want something more – A new chapter in the Guinness Book – And there you are – The answer to our dreams – Amen and halleluiah and praise the friggin lord – The Satin Strangler – AAAAAAH – Finally a supersized murder spree to quench our thirst – Gulp gulp gulp

– What is your true identity Satin Strangler – We wait for you to emerge through the parting curtain and walk down the red carpet – The clock is ticking – Hickory dickory dock – Who will accept the award for best female killer in a leading media role – Will you be what we want – Will you be worthy of the title

– We know the work of the Satin Strangler – When will we get to meet the girl behind the legend

– Barabbas


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