Sunday, September 14, 2008

your arrest

– All stations interrupt their regularly scheduled garbage to announce that the Satin Strangler has been arrested – The murderer of at least 40 victims – Maybe more than 50 – It depends on the station and the anchorman oration – The media tripled the body count in two weeks – 12 murders were not enough – Triple the body count triple the ratings – Triple the body count triple the viewer salivation – We want more – More victims and more stories – Gruesomes and gories – By tomorrow the count will be higher – Quadruple the ratings

– The Sea View police station is buzzing on the live feed – News vans and noose fans – They are gathered here today to marry together legend and reality – The Satin Strangler and the girl behind the story

– The population of this Lazarus town has exploded in an hour – 4AM and the rubbernecking media junkies are lining up as the ensemble cast of Act One – They pantomime behind reporters while pressing their cell phones against their fat friggin faces – Honey can you see me – I am mindless and worthless and nonetheless on TV

– A line forms near the entrance – Lemming lawyers drag briefcases and flash business cards – Glory seekers lining up to read for the part of Defense Attorney – Who will get the career breaking case – Best lawyer in a supporting role – Fictionalized nonfiction – Will it be any of them – They twist and fidget like serpents in a terrarium at the reptile house

– Police sirens mark the arrival of an impromptu patrol car parade – Maybe every blue uniform in the county – They march past the reporters – No comment – No comment – One might be the next Mark Furman but never mind if that means nothing to you today – Flickers of fame – Fifteen minutes – Furman is yesterday

– A white haired man in a gray suit is next – Mayor Mayfield the reporters call out while tripping over each other to get to him – May May the crowd chants – MAY MAY – They seem to love this man that national viewers have yet to meet – Microphones engulf him – He pivots to show his best profile – Caked up television makeup cracks on his neck – He pulls squarer than square glasses from a crooked nose and practices his smile – Once – Twice – Now the reporters will get their friggin comment – Blah blah blah

– But they are all the supporting cast – You are the star my dear – The diva in the making – The glorious object of our affections – The one to play the part of the Satin Strangler

– We crave every last detail about Destiny Blande – We will want to know everything – Where did you grow up – Were you the wild one or the quiet one – Will they say how could the girl we know do such a thing – Neighbors should say quiet girl who kept to herself – Your friends and coworkers should say I never would have suspected – Blah blah blah

– Did your parents love you or beat you – Will they cry on the air – Will they defend you until the end – Or will they apologize to the world for creating a monster – Where did you go to school – Who were your friends – Who did you date – Who did you love and hate – What did they do to you – Those awful boys – What did they do to make the girl want to kill them all – Friggin kill them all – You would kill every last one of them – And that is why we love you so

– You have been anointed the chosen one Destiny Blande – Your life will never be the same – You are now the media extravaganza formerly known as Destiny Blande – Are you worthy to be the chosen one – The police think you are – Will the jury think so – But who cares – It only matters what the media thinks – Will your story be good enough – They will fuel the fire of our desire – Why do you strangle men – How could such a dainty girl be strong enough to kill a man – Let alone more than 50 men

– Yesterday we knew nothing of you Destiny Blande – Today you are the Satin Strangler – Today you become front page news

– Barabbas


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