Thursday, January 28, 2010

look alike

– They adore you Destiny Blande – They worship you – Wish they could be the most eligible bachelorette – Most enviable killer – Champion of women – Crusader of justice

– They follow your lead – Imitate the Destiny Blande hairstyle and fashions – They wait on your every inspiration – Men fantasize about you – Even dress up their girlfriends to look like you – Pay for look alikes to be you – IMITATIONS – SUBSTITUTES – Anything to be closer to the real thing – Anything to experience the Satin Strangler

– The women at the look alike service stare at me – Their faces ask if this man really wants to look like Destiny Blande – Do they have blouses in my size – She waits for me to say I was just kidding

– But I am not kidding – My knife can slash her wide open in seconds – Connect that crooked smile to the bottom of her neck – Would she be smiling then – Would she – No I am not joking – I am not here for amusement – If I wanted her opinion I would slash it out of her

– Will you fight me for the Satin Strangler title Destiny Blande – You know nothing of murder – You yearned to become something of worth – And there it was – The Satin Strangler – Yours for the taking – But too high of an aspiration for you – Too close to the sun for Icarus – Too much for you Destiny Blande – But they opened the door – The media gave you the honor – The media gave the prize to a stupid friggin girl

– Is this what the Satin Strangler has become – Wigs and costumes – Is the title open again for anyone to take – NO – Only the deserving shall be adorned – Who will take the title – If you do not want it then I will take it as my own – Will it be me or you Destiny Blande – Who will live on as the Satin Strangler

– A little twist on the wig and the locks fall into position – Some makeup from the hideous monster crooked teeth sales girl should do the trick – The black dress is just big enough – A little fluffy but does it matter – Now the stockings – A matching set – For strangling – Squeezing the life out of a victim – You have no idea about that Destiny Blande – KILLING – You will soon – One way or another – I promise you

– Barabbas


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